Hello Hello,

Although I’m not very good at introductions (see Bad First Impressions), I will try my best to entertain and impress at all times.

Since I think it’s important to set expectations, as to not easily be misled (which is a great life lesson too). I will let you know what this blog shall cover:

  1. All things food related; including baking, cooking and science.
  2. Anything else I think is interesting

Great! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin! This past weekend a friend of the family my sister’s friend had her wedding! Congratulations and/or mazel tov! Last night my family hosted a dinner party in their honour & I was on dessert duty. Since there was a guest who does not eat eggs (See Hindu religious beliefs), I decided to make some eggless cookies & cake pops (not eggless but still delicious, so delicious they were eaten before I had a chance to take photos!).

Starter cookies with ingredients

Final product all decorated

Cookies with writting

Here’s the link to the recipe I used to make the eggless cookies, and frosting,

This weekend I am going to Vancouver for the annual Canadian Special Crops Association Convention as a provincial winner of Mission ImPULSEible. Aka, I entered a competition, won and now get a free trip to Vancouver to compete nationally! Mission ImPULSEible is a product development competition, where students must create an innovative food product using as many pulses as possible. A pulse being “the edible seeds of various leguminous plants, for example chickpeas, lentils, and beans” thank you Google Search. While in BC my team and I will be competing against 2 other provincial winners. Our product, Dip ‘n Go, is a bean crisp and dip combination sold in 3 delicious flavours. Wish us luck!


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A baker, a food scientist and an overall lover of new food creations

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