Dog food is still food

I know I’ve been a little MIA, but maybe deciding to start a blog right before I go away on holidays wasn’t the best idea…. But hey, who knows, maybe if I didn’t start it then it would have never actually happened!

So in more recent news, I’ve been a tad bit bored at work. By a “tad” I mean I die a little inside every day. Since my food science, product developer talents aren’t being used to their fullest I decided to recently put them to use! I developed a tasty new treat for one of my favorite friends… my dog.

Some may say “my that’s odd of you to do” but, I don’t agree. Here let me explain:

  • Reason 1: Real food companies HAVE product developers to make food products for animals. I SWEAR
  • Reason 2: My dog is super old and doesn’t like to eat his dog food anymore
  • Reason 3: wasting perfectly good dog food just because your dog decided it didn’t like it, is a dumb reason for throwing it away.
  • Reason 4: Why not?

So now that everyone understands why I did it. Here’s how!

I made typical ground beef based meatballs (with eggs, matzo meal, ketchup, mustard, grated zucchini and carrot). Took most of it away and made it for the family and then ground up some dog food and put it into the bit I left over for my dog!

Here’s a picture of the colourful dog food that he’s too good for

dog food

The meatballs, fresh out of the oven!

cooked doggy meatballs

The finished product

I tried to take a photo of my dog, actually eating it. But in the process I discovered that in addition to vacuum cleaners and brooms my dog is also afraid of cameras. This is the best photo I could get of him and he’s basically just running away!

That’s all for today folks, hopefully I’ll be more on the ball now!


About Adi

A baker, a food scientist and an overall lover of new food creations

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