The Donut Burger

I did this a couple of weeks ago while at the Canadian National Exhibition aka The Ex. It was kind of disgusting and kind of awesome ALL at the same time. And what exactly is it that I did? I ate a “special” kind of burger from Epic Burgers and Waffles.

What was so special about it? Well if your the type to read titles, then you may have already figured it out. I ate The Donut Burger; an all beef patty between two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts!

Basically, this is how the story goes. Scene 1, me and my adventurous friend from university entering The Ex for the $5 weeknight special. We needed to decide what to do first, so after buying the unlimited ticket wristbands I told her about how I needed to go try out this burger. As a Food Scientist it was my duty to experience this insane creation. A little skeptical, she asked me, “How bad do you need this burger?” I replied, “I need it bad!”. So what if it has about 1,500 calories, which is more than double, a double Big Mac. (Yes, that’s a Big Mac with 4 patties). Scene 2, after finally finding the place and waiting in the incredibly long line-up, I finally got to hold and eventually taste my very own donut burger. Cue the slide show!

Wrapped upUnveiledThe first biteAll Finished
And so of course I finished it all (mostly) myself. It was creamy it was beefy, I was confused about the combination but certain it tasted good! That was until we finally “made the most” out of our unlimited rides. And I saw a little too much of this…


Even though I did make “the most” out of the ticket… I slowly got the feeling that I was about to waste the price of the burger. At this point, I think you all should just skip tot the closing credits because lets just say there is no such thing as a good bathroom photograph.

So was it worth it? Probably. Even though I did get sick, I would have done it all over again. I would have regretted not trying it! I’d rather live with nausea than regret any day of the week. I mean, at least the queasy feeling goes away… eventually.


About Adi

A baker, a food scientist and an overall lover of new food creations

One response to “The Donut Burger

  1. wink wink nudge nudge

    maybe the nausea wasn’t the burger…myabe it was more the burger immediately followed by unnaturally fast motion and bright lights??? 🙂

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