Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you all have a great October 31, whether it be trick or treating, carving your pumpkins or even just eating the salted pumpkin seeds.


Becoming a Cake Boss Part III

Last week on “Becoming a Cake Boss Part II” I decorated my first cake! This week we tackled cupcakes. Not to be outdone, I made delicious red velvet cupcakes and then filled with cream cheese frosting. This weeks lesson was about piping out flowers, swirls & shells. Continue reading for a closer look & recipes!

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Ask the Food Scientist

As a food scientist I get asked many questions, in this post I will begin to tackle just a few of them:

 What is something that as a food scientist you now won’t eat?


Honestly? Hotdogs. I went to a factory and saw the meat before it was pumped into the casing… and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Imagine a giant pink soup that smells like raw meat. The visual alone could turn you off of sausages forever. Think about it, if this “all beef dog” was so good, how come they’re selling it for dirt cheap? Since hotdogs are created from finely ground up meat, the consumer (i.e you) can’t see what all of the meat originally looked like. What parts are they really putting into the hotdog, or any ground meat product (I’m talking about SPAM here people). Continue reading

Easy as Pumpkin Pie

Leaves are changing colours and it’s getting colder. I was forced to dig through the ceder closet and find that jacket I haven’t touched in over a year. But then I found $5 in the pocket! Maybe fall won’t be that bad after all! Who am I kidding, it’s Canada and the winter is always bad. But it’s what we Canadians do best! Survive Winter.

And of course, the best dessert to have during these few months is fresh pumpkin pie. Want to know how to make an easy pumpkin pie that will be sure to have everyone giving you compliments? Then continue reading!

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Food Science Art!

I randomly came across these food science posters. Yes, science and art can come together & in this case it can also look amazing! They are scientifically correct and manage to teach these basic concepts, acidity, emulsion, maillard reaction, viscosity and elasticity, in a beautiful way. They were created by IOANA and featured in Bravo’s Top Chef Masters “Blinded Me With Science”. Of course all of this work is copyrighted and I by no means pretend to have created any of these but am merely a huge fan — please continue to their website HERE to check out more of their work!

IOANA Acidity

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Becoming a Cake Boss Part II

If you read my previous post about “Becoming a Cake Boss” then you’ll already know that I’m taking a cake decorating class! At the first class it was all new. There was tons of equipment to buy, terms I’ve never heard of before and it was a tad over-whelming. Prior to this week’s class we had to bake a cake, make medium and thin icing & of course support the cause and buy more equipment. I guess that’s why they have these classes…

In the end, I created a cake that looked like this! Continue reading to find out about the recipe & techniques I used!

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What to do with stale bread…

Nothing is worse than throwing out food! Okay, let’s be honest lots of things are worse, but I DO hate throwing out food… a LOT. It’s bad for the environment (due to the wasted fuel & energy) and a waste of money! This week my house had that delemma; I had way too much bread in my house. It was at the point where it was stale, but not moldy. Which led me to ask the question… what does one do with stale bread? My families “Something from Nothing” delicious decision, was to make bread pudding.

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The Best Before Date

So what’s the deal with best before dates? Are they just a “suggestion”, or something that if ignored will cause you to have a new type of relationship with your toilet? My very good friend, wink wink nug nug… you know who you are, throws food out that are probably a week away from their best before date. While others I know will eat it a week after (unless there is mould). But who’s right?

Mouldy Cheese

Just cut those parts off, the rest is still good... right?

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Becoming a Cake Boss

Fall is a great time to learn a new skill. Maybe it’s because I miss school (never thought I’d be saything that…) or maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much Cake Boss. Regardless, I decided (along with willing companions) to join a cake decorating class! Hurray for learning!

So for those of you who have never taken one of these classes, they make you do “homework”.  This week it was to have at least 6 “flat” cookies made. I imagine they wanted you to bring sugar cookies… but I decided to make shortbread cookies instead!

Shortbread Cookies

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Pretzel + Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love coming up with new combinations of yummy baked goods, so much so, that I made it my career! When I read this recipe for pretzel chocolate chip cookies how could I not try them! Even though these are high in sodium it’s, sooo worth it.

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