Food News – Shoplifting

Very similar to a dunce capThe holiday season is upon us. You know how I can tell? It’s a Monday and the mall is packed full of people. Buying your loved ones gifts is both generous and kind, but what about those who aren’t spending any money for their presents? According to AdWeek,  some retailers gear up to do about 20-40% of their annual sales during this time of the year, but are likely to lose $119 billion to shoplifters. With the economy still in the dumps, locally & globally, it’s understandable that compared to 2010, shoplifting is up 6%. However, people aren’t stealing things they need, the most popular items are based on temptation. About one in 11 people will shoplift, and 75% of shoplifters are adults… with jobs.

So what are people most likely to get their hands on this year? The top 10 items people are stealing are the following:

  • 10. Nikes
  • 9. Chanel No. 5
  • 8. Let’s Rock Elmo
  • 7. Polo Ralph Lauren
  • 6. Axe
  • 5. Gillette Mach
  • 4. iPhone 4
  • 3. Electric tools

But the top 2 are especially interesting…

  • 2. Liquor
  • 1. Filet Mignon

You can probably blame the liquor stealing on a lot of things, like alcoholism, underage drinking, or people just wanting to have fun over the holidays! But the filet mignon, is a little harder. Between 2009 and 2011 the the loss rate for “luxury meat” has risen by 21%! I think the stealing has to do with people wanting a better life and for some people this comes down to a good piece of meat. But what I want to know is, how do they get away with it!? Though about 70% of shoplifters say they didn’t “plan to steal”, I feel like there has to be some type of preparation for this to turn out in their favour. Maybe wearing a baggier shirt that day, carrying your big purse or making sure there’s a blanket in the stroller to cover up that huge red steak your walking away with. Personally, I’d advise against it. Just go with chicken or if you really are desperate for beef invite yourself over to a wealthier friends place for dinner! Hopefully they don’t expect you to bring wine!


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2 responses to “Food News – Shoplifting

  1. I think is CRUEL in a hilarious way when judges make thieves wear that confession sign. LOL! Marked for life. That’s the best sanction a thief (especially a first timer) can get. Hope the meat was worth it 🙂

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