Illegible Labels

I know for me, it happened, (and still happens) ALL of the time. And sure, maybe this is one of the many reasons why I need to move out… but till I do, I’m finding fault with the food companies and for that matter, the government too! Take a look at the photo below and you may have an idea about what I’m talking about, or click continue reading & I’ll set up the scenario for you.

Spicy? Hummus

So your sitting at home when the groceries are finally brought home and of course you go to help unpack. Or wait! It could also happen the next day as you are innocently perusing the fridge. Either way, you eventually notice something new. It may be a product you buy all of the time, like salt or yogurt, etc. But this specific brand, variety and most importantly label is different. It’s something is foreign and has never been purchased before. Too bad it’s the variety of this product that you would NEVER have bought. But unfortunately for you, the person who bought the food didn’t notice the tiny writing, or just didn’t bother to read the label. They bought something wrong, like full fat yogurt, or coarse salt, and when you really wanted non-fat & just the normal table salt!

The problem was that label wasn’t clear enough and the person who bought it, this issue is usually worse if they are in denial about their need for glasses, didn’t notice the text. In the case of the hummus, pictured above, I’m not sure if you can see it or even noticed, but trust me once you take that first bite, it’s quite obvious! It’s right above the word “yellow” in little red letters. Did you see it? … they thought writing “spicy” in the tiniest font possible was A-okay. And you know what? It’s not. My mouth was already on fire before I ever found that one word.

So yes, this was a bit of a rant. But I feel like it happens to other people too! I know it’ll probably happen to me again even if I do finally convince the purchaser to wear her glasses full-time… 


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A baker, a food scientist and an overall lover of new food creations

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