Things I noticed at the grocery store…

This weekend my family and I took a trip down to the new Loblaws at the old Maple Leaf Gardens! I’ve been hearing SO much hype about the “cheese wall”, the Ace Bakery section & all of the great things this new location offered. I remember when it opened my sister even raved about the red carpet. Yup, there was a red carpet!

Continue reading to see all of the fun things I saw!Obviously I went straight to the bakery section and never left. They had enough for me to drool over for 1 day…

Yum, cheese swirl buns!

You call this a foccacia Ace? The concept was great, but I think the execution is all wrong. Took thick, and too hard. (The ol’ squeeze test will tell you if bread is soft or gone stale already.)

Donut croissants! This is basically 2 of the best desserts combined into 1 amazing thing. A deep fried and glazed flaky croissant, I dare you to say no.

While I was in the donut section I had to give a shout out to these amazing flavour concepts. There’s chocolate sea salt donuts, chili chocolate donuts and maple bacon donuts!

Basically this section is a cupcake wall, from your basic vanilla & chocolate. To more sophisticated caramel latte & key lime injected cupcakes. This section had every flavour combination you could imagine, in both small and larger sizes!

And then I spotted this magical looking item!

This glittery ruffled truffle mini cake was the epitome of beautiful. Within the display case of scrumptious desserts, this one stood out among the rest. It just looked high-class and just plain impressive. I need to figure out how to make this. How hard could it be?

The last thing I wanted to mention was how nice it was that they kept some of the historical aspects of the building intact. Like “center ice” which you can find right beside the spam. And this artistic gem.

They took the blue chairs from the stands and created a giant maple leaf that you can see as soon as you walk into the store!

Of course I’m going to suggest everyone make the trip downtown to this Loblaws. But I think that you should always strive to step outside your comfort zone. Don’t just keep on going to the same grocery stores and don’t keep on buying the same products. Try farmers markets, and smaller boutiques. Go to a local butcher & bakery to get some fresher cuts of meat and bread! Try tasting other cultures’ cuisines or adding new spices to your dishes. However, you want to go about it. Just be bold, inventive & fearless!


About Adi

A baker, a food scientist and an overall lover of new food creations

2 responses to “Things I noticed at the grocery store…

  1. wink wink nudge nudge

    holy cupcake wall. I want to go there sooo bad. OMG I hate reading your blog when I’m hungry! Did you buy the swirly cake?

  2. Lorraine

    I loved going to see this store too! I purposely went to stand on centre ice lol.
    The cupcakes were surprisingly a letdown, or maybe I just got a bad one of the batch. They sell over 500 a day though!!

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