What’s IS that? …mono & diglycerides

Ever seen the word “Mono & Diglycerides” on the side of your much loved box of you-name-it and wonder, what is that??? Well then you are in luck! Starting today I’m going to start to demystify your food ingredients & tell you what it’s supposed to be doing in your food!

Simply put, mono and diglycerides are just fat. They are composed of a glyceride & fatty acids, only 1 for a monoglyceride or 2 for a diglyceride. Hence the name. Mono and diglycerides are naturally formed from triglycerides (3 fatty acids) during the digestion and absorption of every meal containing fat. So it’s not completely weird that it is a common food additive. That’s because it is both hydrophilic, water-loving and hydrophilic, water-fearing. This means that it can attract both water and oil. Which makes this categorizes it as an emulsifier. This means it helps blend oil and water together within a formula. Adding an emulsifier will help to make the product softer and will increase shelf life. In the case of your peanut butter, it stops it from separating. That is why people who buy “natural” peanut butter will eventually see a layer of oil in their jar. Personally, I don’t understand why people choose to suffer. Just add in the additive!

So there you have it, the mystery has been solved. Now you can be like me and not think it’s a weird sciencey/scarey name. Have no fear, it’s just in there doing something that you will hopefully like.


About Adi

A baker, a food scientist and an overall lover of new food creations

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