The Eater Lexicon

Are you an Eatie? Well if you are, then you probably know what it means to be hangry, a food scold, a vegivore, or eat something completely beige.

An Eatie, as described by Rachel Ray, is someone who eats a lot! Most Foodies consider themselves Foodies because they eat a lot. Ah, but of course, there is a difference. You can be an Eatie but not  Foodie, or a Foodie but not an Eatie! Maybe it’s just me, but a true Foodie, is also an Eatie. Otherwise, they’re aren’t they missing the point?

Do you get hangry? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this word means.  It’s a combination of the words hungry and angry. It’s when you’re so hungry that you become angry, frustrated or both. The next time your waiting in a long line-up for a restaurant and snap at someone you normally wouldn’t just tell them, “it’s not personal, I’m just really hangry”.

A food scold is someone who can’t help but give you the stink eye after taking a look at what you’ve been eating.  It could be over those cheesy-puffs or fruit-loops that you’re feeding to your toddler. But it could also be over your veal parmisian or that un-locally grown food on your dinner plate. What ever it is, a food scold can’t help but give you their two cents on the subject. Whether you like it or not, just tell them, “Listen up food scold, I’m going to eat what I want. Got it?”

A vegivore, is a term that allows us a different perspective on a veterinarianism. Carnivores step aside, because vegetables are the new meat! It’s not about hating steaks & cold-cuts, it’s about loving vegetables. When you’re a vegetarian you don’t eat meat, but what if you just really like vegetables? Then my friend, you are a vegivore.

The last term, beige, is a way to describe a bland and boring dish. It’s when you eat something run-of-the-mill. Something that is truly unexciting and uninspired. Sure it’s not a very rude word, but if you know what it means, then you would be quite insulted if anyone dared to call your meal beige.

So let’s recap shall we? Today we learned that any Eatie can be a food scolding vegivore, that is hangry because of the beige food they are often forced to eat.


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A baker, a food scientist and an overall lover of new food creations

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