2011 Wrap-Up

As the 2011 slowly draws to a close, we can look back and think… hey, what happened this past year? For those of you who forgot there were a TON of “epic” events & some that didn’t even include any bacon at all!

Happy 2012

2011's out and 2012 in

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Recipes to Riches

So of course I’m a fan of this new Food Network show, Recipes to Riches. It’s all about contestants competing for a chance to have their recipe commercialized as a PC product in Loblaws. In other words, the Food Network made a show based on my job. Although I’ve always known my profession sounded cool (when I meet someone for the first time the conversation usually ends up being about my day-to-day work life), I never considered it being a reality TV show! For anyone that hasn’t seen it, the contest is broken down into product categories. Once you win your category you earn $25,000 and become eligible for the grand prize of $250,000. The final winner is decided through an online nation-wide voting process that starts on December the 7th!

So I’ve developed new products… where’s my $250,000???

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Birthday Strawberry Cheesecake

So since I have officially become the cake baker in my family, mostly self-imposed… I was the one left with the task of baking my sister’s birthday cake. Her favorite is strawberry cheesecake, so that is what I baked for her. Happy Birthday Sister #1!

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Becoming a Cake Boss Part IV

This is the 4th, and last installment of Becoming a Cake Boss, aka my foray into cake decorating. Since there are only 4 classes in total, this was also graduation day! When I asked the instructor if everyone graduates, she said, “Yeah, pretty much. Though I have failed someone before. It was because they refused to do anything.” … I’m not really sure why one would pay for a class to just sit and do nothing… but who am I to judge?

The homework for this class was to make and bring fully iced cake of our choice. I made chocolate cake with cream cheese & toffee filling! My final cake looked like this! If you’d like to see how I did it, and find a delicious & easy chocolate cake recipe then I think you should continue reading!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you all have a great October 31, whether it be trick or treating, carving your pumpkins or even just eating the salted pumpkin seeds.

Ask the Food Scientist

As a food scientist I get asked many questions, in this post I will begin to tackle just a few of them:

 What is something that as a food scientist you now won’t eat?


Honestly? Hotdogs. I went to a factory and saw the meat before it was pumped into the casing… and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Imagine a giant pink soup that smells like raw meat. The visual alone could turn you off of sausages forever. Think about it, if this “all beef dog” was so good, how come they’re selling it for dirt cheap? Since hotdogs are created from finely ground up meat, the consumer (i.e you) can’t see what all of the meat originally looked like. What parts are they really putting into the hotdog, or any ground meat product (I’m talking about SPAM here people). Continue reading

Becoming a Cake Boss

Fall is a great time to learn a new skill. Maybe it’s because I miss school (never thought I’d be saything that…) or maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much Cake Boss. Regardless, I decided (along with willing companions) to join a cake decorating class! Hurray for learning!

So for those of you who have never taken one of these classes, they make you do “homework”.  This week it was to have at least 6 “flat” cookies made. I imagine they wanted you to bring sugar cookies… but I decided to make shortbread cookies instead!

Shortbread Cookies

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Good news, I was interviewed! Bad News? I was interviewed…

So, minor but actually HUGE news! Today, I was interviewed by a report for the Canadian Press. (Yes it’s real! I google’d it and everything!) It was about my team’s entry & the competition next Tuesday! But to be honest, I probably could have done a better job…

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Hello Hello,

Although I’m not very good at introductions (see Bad First Impressions), I will try my best to entertain and impress at all times.

Since I think it’s important to set expectations, as to not easily be misled (which is a great life lesson too). I will let you know what this blog shall cover:

  1. All things food related; including baking, cooking and science.
  2. Anything else I think is interesting

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