What I ate for breakfast…

You know what’s kind of sad, but only to people who hate breakfast. Is that if I made a series called what I ate for [INSERT MEAL]. It would probably be a lot more “breakfast” than “dinner”. So… I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that I love breakfast….

So today on “What I ate for [INSERT MEAL]”, I present to you all Cinnamon French Toast Sandwich

Final French Toast

This is a french toast is made with cinnamon bread and filled with cream cheese and berry jam. Can you say yummy??? Want to try this out too? Then press continue reading!

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What to do with stale bread…

Nothing is worse than throwing out food! Okay, let’s be honest lots of things are worse, but I DO hate throwing out food… a LOT. It’s bad for the environment (due to the wasted fuel & energy) and a waste of money! This week my house had that delemma; I had way too much bread in my house. It was at the point where it was stale, but not moldy. Which led me to ask the question… what does one do with stale bread? My families “Something from Nothing” delicious decision, was to make bread pudding.

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