What’s IS that? …mono & diglycerides

Ever seen the word “Mono & Diglycerides” on the side of your much loved box of you-name-it and wonder, what is that??? Well then you are in luck! Starting today I’m going to start to demystify your food ingredients & tell you what it’s supposed to be doing in your food!

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What I ate for dinner…

My sister said people would be interested in this, I truly hope she’s right.

I have a secret… sometimes, I cook. I know, I claim to only know how to bake, but then I make things that look (and taste) pretty decent. So, today ladies and gentlemen, (assuming men read this blog), I present to you “What I ate for dinner”:

My DinnerGrilled Chicken with Quinoa Stir Fry

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Risky Business

Are you sure  you want to be eating that? Ever looked at something and thought… yeah, maybe I won’t be trying that today. Maybe it was the smelly oysters, maybe it was a piece of chicken that was dripping blood. In the end it doesn’t matter, because your intuition told you ” whatever you do, please do not put that in your mouth!”. But sometimes you eat a perfect looking meal and less than 6 hours later you and the toilet have become best friends. More often then not, there are no obvious signs telling you to put your fork down. Which to me, is what’s the scariest!

Ultimately, you want piece of mind. You should be able to know that you won’t have diarrhea or be vomiting from something you ate. So how does one stay safe and not conduct an epidemiological study of food borne diseases? You have to know the basics. Let’s start with something I think everyone should know.

What is the riskiest food item to eat? aka what has the highest probability of making you sick?

Is it a) chicken b) fruits & vegetables c) hamburgers or d) seafood…

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Turkey Day

First off I’d like to say a Happy Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border, and an even happier online Black Friday for those north of the border! Though there are lots of popular dishes on Thanksgiving, the most popular is turkey. So today I’m going to answer some questions & give you random facts about the majestic Turkey.

Continue reading if you’ve ever wondered what that fleshy thing growing on top of turkey’s bill is called, or if eating turkey actually makes you sleepy?

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Lighter than Light

Coors Light

If there's no such thing as Coors, what is Coors Light lighter than?

Everything that’s on your food label is and should be regulated. Companies should be responsible for the things they tell you are in their product. If a product says “light” or even its misspelled cooler cousin “lite”, it sends you a certain message.

But be honest do you even know what that message is? Is it the same for all products? Is it always referring to calories? Even though something may be “lighter” than its counterpart, how much lighter is light!? Yes, its hard to know what’s what, but continue reading & you’ll hopefully  have it all figured out.

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Becoming a Cake Boss Part III

Last week on “Becoming a Cake Boss Part II” I decorated my first cake! This week we tackled cupcakes. Not to be outdone, I made delicious red velvet cupcakes and then filled with cream cheese frosting. This weeks lesson was about piping out flowers, swirls & shells. Continue reading for a closer look & recipes!

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Ask the Food Scientist

As a food scientist I get asked many questions, in this post I will begin to tackle just a few of them:

 What is something that as a food scientist you now won’t eat?


Honestly? Hotdogs. I went to a factory and saw the meat before it was pumped into the casing… and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Imagine a giant pink soup that smells like raw meat. The visual alone could turn you off of sausages forever. Think about it, if this “all beef dog” was so good, how come they’re selling it for dirt cheap? Since hotdogs are created from finely ground up meat, the consumer (i.e you) can’t see what all of the meat originally looked like. What parts are they really putting into the hotdog, or any ground meat product (I’m talking about SPAM here people). Continue reading

Food Science Art!

I randomly came across these food science posters. Yes, science and art can come together & in this case it can also look amazing! They are scientifically correct and manage to teach these basic concepts, acidity, emulsion, maillard reaction, viscosity and elasticity, in a beautiful way. They were created by IOANA and featured in Bravo’s Top Chef Masters “Blinded Me With Science”. Of course all of this work is copyrighted and I by no means pretend to have created any of these but am merely a huge fan — please continue to their website HERE to check out more of their work!

IOANA Acidity

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Why do you add salt/oil to boiled water for pasta?

Boiled PastaThanks to how cheap dried pasta is, this is a staple in most homes. Introduced to us by the Chinese (and later the Italians) it always makes for a delicious meal.

Cooking it should seem simple enough, boil water, add pasta. Take out when done, rinse and eat! But then someone told you about adding salt and oil to the water… and you were all “huh”? After a quick search on the Google, it looks as if you’re not alone. Not many people actually understand why we do it!

Well after reading this post, you’ll know exactly why!

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Dog food is still food

I know I’ve been a little MIA, but maybe deciding to start a blog right before I go away on holidays wasn’t the best idea…. But hey, who knows, maybe if I didn’t start it then it would have never actually happened!

So in more recent news, I’ve been a tad bit bored at work. By a “tad” I mean I die a little inside every day. Since my food science, product developer talents aren’t being used to their fullest I decided to recently put them to use! I developed a tasty new treat for one of my favorite friends… my dog.

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