Brookie Mud Pie

A couple of weeks ago my mom and sister went to Miami to visit my cousin. While there they ate “the most delicious dessert I have ever eaten”. They claimed it was “so easy to make and she made a bunch at a time and froze them for later”. Needless to say, I was intrigued. My cousin calls it her “Mud Pie”, but what it actually is, is probably the best 3-in-1 dessert you’ve ever tried. It’s a brownie-cookie-pie, or brookie mud pie.

Basically when I made this recipe I made 4 pies, and I can tell you that within delivery all 4 pies were devoured within 24 hours! So if you like cookies, brownies and even a yummy pie crust, then I think this is the dessert for you!

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Easy as Pumpkin Pie

Leaves are changing colours and it’s getting colder. I was forced to dig through the ceder closet and find that jacket I haven’t touched in over a year. But then I found $5 in the pocket! Maybe fall won’t be that bad after all! Who am I kidding, it’s Canada and the winter is always bad. But it’s what we Canadians do best! Survive Winter.

And of course, the best dessert to have during these few months is fresh pumpkin pie. Want to know how to make an easy pumpkin pie that will be sure to have everyone giving you compliments? Then continue reading!

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