Lighter than Light

Coors Light

If there's no such thing as Coors, what is Coors Light lighter than?

Everything that’s on your food label is and should be regulated. Companies should be responsible for the things they tell you are in their product. If a product says “light” or even its misspelled cooler cousin “lite”, it sends you a certain message.

But be honest do you even know what that message is? Is it the same for all products? Is it always referring to calories? Even though something may be “lighter” than its counterpart, how much lighter is light!? Yes, its hard to know what’s what, but continue reading & you’ll hopefully  have it all figured out.

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Pretzel + Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love coming up with new combinations of yummy baked goods, so much so, that I made it my career! When I read this recipe for pretzel chocolate chip cookies how could I not try them! Even though these are high in sodium it’s, sooo worth it.

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Why do you add salt/oil to boiled water for pasta?

Boiled PastaThanks to how cheap dried pasta is, this is a staple in most homes. Introduced to us by the Chinese (and later the Italians) it always makes for a delicious meal.

Cooking it should seem simple enough, boil water, add pasta. Take out when done, rinse and eat! But then someone told you about adding salt and oil to the water… and you were all “huh”? After a quick search on the Google, it looks as if you’re not alone. Not many people actually understand why we do it!

Well after reading this post, you’ll know exactly why!

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