What I ate for breakfast…

You know what’s kind of sad, but only to people who hate breakfast. Is that if I made a series called what I ate for [INSERT MEAL]. It would probably be a lot more “breakfast” than “dinner”. So… I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that I love breakfast….

So today on “What I ate for [INSERT MEAL]”, I present to you all Cinnamon French Toast Sandwich

Final French Toast

This is a french toast is made with cinnamon bread and filled with cream cheese and berry jam. Can you say yummy??? Want to try this out too? Then press continue reading!

Cinnamon BreadBefore I decided to try this amazing creation out, I was inspired. I spotted Cinnabon© Cinnamon Bread with Cinnamon Bursts in the grocery store. Since I can’t resist a new product, and always like to support a fellow food scientist’s hard work, I decided to buy it and give it a try. Although I used the new Cinnabon bread, SUN•MAID is a classic in Raisin breads. with the cinnamon swirl, it’s another great choice for a delicious update on french toast.

french toast components

Now, onto the recipe. To your left you’ll see everything you’ll need to make this delicious concoction. You have your two slices of cinnamon bread. The jam & cream cheese to spread onto the slices. The scrabbled egg, with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. After you’ve made sure you have everything you’ll need, it’s time to put it all together.

Start by heating up your pan, not too high though! Next spread the jam onto one slice and the cream cheese onto the other. The dip your first one into the egg mixture & place it to cook on the pan. Next I dipped my other side in the egg mixture, and yes this part is a bit messy, but hopefully the bread has soaked up everything and isn’t leaking too much. Put that side on top of the other half. I ended up pouring the extra egg mixture on top of it, hence the over-flow issue. Flip once the first side is done. With my first batch I also had to cook the edges a bit, i.e I let it stand up on its side. No one likes to eat raw egg, or Salmonella. So why not fix that problem before they have to? Glad you agree!

In the end this dish tastes tastes like a cross between a french toast and a cheese cake. If that doesn’t sound delicious, then you are about as crazy as they come. So try it out or if you have any other delicious variations on french toast you’d like to share, hit me up! If it’s for breakfast, then I’m always down for a new recipe.


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  1. wink wink nudge nudge

    trying this tomorrow morning….or perhaps now?

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